Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Question 6

What did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom?  When asked about her daughter, what did Daisy say?


Derek Stemmler said...

Miss Baker tells Nick that Tom is having an affair, and that he has a mistress is New York. After supposedly talking on the phone with her, Tom re-accompanies them and does not deny this rumor of having a mistress. During dinner, they ask Nick questions surrounding his personal life, including relationships. When asking about Miss Baker’s daughter, Daisy and Tom hint to Nick that they would like for him to take a romantic interest in Jordan.

Olivia Fuller said...

I agree with Derek, I also want to add that when asked about her daughter Daisy says "I suppose she talks, and -- eats, and everything." She was hoping her daughter would grow up a fool.